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Our Story

From humble beginnings, California Flavored Nuts has been a family centered company. Doris and her husband Benjamin created a delicious mix of seasoning for dried fruit and shared it within their community. Slowly but surely the news about their seasoned nuts and dried fruit was spreading and there was a demand for their products. California Flavored Nuts is the product of the joy of sharing authentic flavors to the world.



Not all nuts are created equal. At California Flavored Nuts, we find high-quality nuts, then flavor them delicately and thoughtfully. So whether you want a great-tasting snack or a treat you’re proud to serve your guests, you can count on California Flavored Nuts.

Some of our flavors include Cocoa Roast, Sweet & Salty Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salt & Pepper Cashews, or a Breakfast Nut Blend. Our nuts include almonds, cashews, mixed nuts, and granola-nut mixes.


Fresh INGREDIENTS. Great taste.